Will the future resemble the Book of Revelations? -


It was supposed to have predicted events within the lifetime of its readers when it was accepted into the Bible. That's what I meant.
It depends on "this generation" plus, Jesus tells on how some are still fallen asleep to this day. And The Lord is longsuffering not wanting any to perish. He desires them to repent. And The Church is still here even though a falling away has taken place.


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The "Revelations is talking about Rome" crap is just modernist dogmatic garbage, and runs directly contrary with what Christ said.

It runs directly contrary to common sense too. If that was the original interpretation, then why did we go through over 1000 years of history with Christian nations modelling themselves after Rome? Furthermore, if the anti-christ is indicated to attempt to LARP as the messiah, and Christians are waiting for the return of Christ who said he'll return exactly as he left, then what religion is waiting on this "other" messiah?