Careercow Wil Wheaton + Felicia Day - The "Man" who soy'd the World and the Fakest of Geek Girls, SJW sexual harassment fence-sitters

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Pick a side

  • Wil "Soyboy" Wheaton

  • Felicia "Crybaby" Day

  • That shotgun’s looking pretty good right about now...

  • Just shut the fuck up Wesley

  • Felicia blew me for this vote

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How is Wheaton in any way, shape or form qualified to do this?
He isn't. He's just a Z-lister so pathetic he's willing to do shit like this for whatever they pay and has some residual nerd cred from ST: TNG despite being the most loathed character in it, something he could have shaken off had he not decided to become a perma-Wesley himself irl.

The best Wesley episode is the one where Picard rips him a new asshole for being a dishonest fuckup and he's subtly written as being gay.
The best Wesley episode is where he leaves with some space pederast and everyone is like okay, whatever.

Tanner Glass
How is Wheaton in any way, shape or form qualified to do this? If it was table top I guess I could see it, but the article is referencing shit like Fortnight. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Would be entertaining if somebody showed up wearing a MAGA hat or something, though.

He isn't qualified, but they probably didn't want to pay for someone who's actually qualified.

The show format sounds like 12 people will be playing random games until only one is left, dubbing them the "Game Master". This format is already used in a lot of esports side tournaments for fun (there it's called "Scrublords") and the fact that the show isn't actually called Scrublords shows they have no integrity and are trying to "class it up".

That means that the competitors will all likely be people you've never heard of as well, meaning you won't get anything really great out of the "Scrublords" format.


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Look at all the famous people that actually play Fortnight like that blue-haired dude that gets paid seven figures to sit on Microsoft's empty streaming service jerking off. Think they're gonna pay him seven or even six figures to host some halfassed show like this? No, they're going to go to the list of nobody "nerd icons" like Wheaton, who's probably gonna be lucky to get four or maaaaybe five figures.