What would you do with a million dollars? -


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If the idea of the thought experiment is like the one in Office Space where you're not supposed to use the million dollars for further enriching your own financial wealth through investment, then I would use the million dollars towards funding some pet cause. Maybe buying guns, ammo, and MREs for some of those South African survivalist groups so they will have a better chance of surviving when SHTF
'My Name Is Earl' alternative timeline style.
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Build a nice small house surrounded by nature and invest in lucrative businesses to keep the cash flow going then invest in Japan's military to create functional Zaku II mobile suits.
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I would honestly be scared shitless at first, mainly because my family and I would get hounded if anyone in my hometown found out. There are numerous stories of lottery winners becoming victims of crimes because some assholes get jealous over luck of the draw.

If anything, my first action would be to elaborately get the heat off me. First, I’d consult some sort of professional in charity works to establish my own “charity” that really acts as a funnel back to me with a guise of legitimacy. I’d make a big song and dance over “I’m just gonna give 95% of it to charity”, publicize it as much as possible, and then move out to Lebanon and live comfortably there for the rest of my life (barring dune coons doing dune coon shit to each other).


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Build a scaled down WTC and reenact 9/11. If it doesn't fully collapse in the same way then some people have some explaining to do.
>scaled down
well of course it wont collapse in the same way unless you perfectly recreate the twin towers

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Buy a big plot of land in an isolated and faraway place, build a small and comfy house, get some cows, bees a nice big orchard and kick away all the years i have left there. Also, learn carpentry and smithing.
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I'd buy @edboy's childhood home with half, give the other half to his mom and laugh while I fuck his mom in front of him while his childhood home burns down behind us.
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pay off my student debt, get a nice house and invest around 100k into stocks. The rest I would let someone I trust look after.


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Buy ten or twenty acres in the middle of some northern flyover state. Montana, Michigan, Minnesota... One of the M's, maybe. Or maybe Idaho or one of the Dakotas. I'm flexible. Not on either coast, and somewhere where it freezes hard and cold in the winter to kill off some of the things that plague hot weather climates. Someplace near enough to a population center of no more than a few thousand that I can make trips for supplies without it being an all-day trip just to buy a jug of milk. Build a small cabin with a good cellar. Bank the rest to accrue as much interest as possible.

Send a picture of myself relaxing in a hammock with a book and a beer once a month to Moviebob for the rest of his life.

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Dump 100% of it into low-cost broad-market equity index funds, change literally zero things about my life other than moving up my "fuck it, time to stop working" timeline.


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This is going to sound stupid but I can't really think of anything I would want outside of fulfilling one childhood dream. I want to take a tool van, one of those kind that doesn't have any windows in the back, and put shag carpet and a water bed in there and just drive across the country and live on the road until I die. I don't know if it would make me happy but it's the only thing I've ever really dreamed of doing.
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