What would you do with a million dollars? -


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First, I'd buy citizenship from St, Kitts and Nevis, renounce my US citizenship and then invest the remainder into blue chip dividend stocks and live out the rest of my life browsing the internet in some tropical country where my purchasing power would triple.
Wouldn't your getting mugged power also triple, though? Poor countries aren't known for being safe, particularly if people know you have money...

Invest enough for a comfortable yearly income. With the rest buy a reasonably sized house for a reasonable sum, Fort knox it inside and out. Turn it into a cat rescue resort. A couple of live in student vets (free accomodation etc) and a foster program for rehoming. Be the cat king I was born to always be.
Start a cat cafe and sell crafts made of cat hair.
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I would pay off the rest I owe for school and buy a candy bar with the rest of the money.
You sure you're gonna have enough left over to buy the candy bar? I mean, you probably could get one of those little fun sized mini bars after paying your student loans, but I think affording a full sized one is right out.
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Buy a nice house in the heartland with cash up front, I heard once if you pay full price in cash then the place is fully paied off no payments unless you mortgage it

Then get my own fracking installed or invest in it to live off the grid and avoid utility bills


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I'd spend it all to try and make my own pmc. Call it Deagle Nation and use it to protect America. Hire only the best marines and COD trained gamers.

Serious Answer: Spend 50k on frivolous shit, save the rest for more important shit but try and save up as much as I can and spend it on something that can help keep me afloat because I'm sure a million dollars can end up going down the drain in at least one wrong move.


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Outright buy a small house, and invest the rest. You can either blow the money and be broke in a couple of years, or you can save it and live fairly comfortably without having to worry about being hard up for cash for the rest of your life. Unless you're old, you'd still need to work but not having a mortgage, or putting so much into a retirement fund regularly would be a massive lifestyle improvement.

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I'd buy my parents' house, move back into the basement, and turn it into the ultimate comfy NEET cave.


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I'd pay off my student loan debt and prob end up giving 50k to the four people in my family I care about(it would also be to get them off my back because there's no way I'd be able to hide it from them). Might try to buy a house in a good area if there are any. Buy a lot of games/anime and invest the rest.
Invest part of it in dividend paying stocks so I'd never have to work again and each year would be bank rolled with a cushy though not grandiose salary.

Buy a property with a lot of land, farm it ecologically and set up a sort of nice little permaculture farmstead with a hotel/hostel element.

All excess would be siphoned off to help other members of my family.

Do some travelling, do some educational stuff I've always wanted to do, but haven't had the funds in place to bank roll. Get a PHD for shits and giggles, and live as an eccentric, that sort of thing.

Oh and continue my pilgrimages.


1. Pay off mortgage.
2. Pay off student loans.
3. Go on a crazy vacation and barely be sober the entire trip.
4. Throw the rest into my investment portfolio. Maybe buy another condo or a house to rent out.
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Spoil the fam a bit and invest the rest


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If the idea of the thought experiment is like the one in Office Space where you're not supposed to use the million dollars for further enriching your own financial wealth through investment, then I would use the million dollars towards funding some pet cause. Maybe buying guns, ammo, and MREs for some of those South African survivalist groups so they will have a better chance of surviving when SHTF


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Fix the goddamned floor in our bathroom, repair the outlet next to the fridge so we can don't have to use an extension cord anymore, and cut down the trees that grew up too close to our house.

Really I'm more interested in fixing the broken shit that I have already, but ideally I'd like to move onto a large patch of land in the middle of nowhere country. Then I would get a couple big doggos that can run free without leash laws or death on the highway.
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