What is your absolute dystopia? - You don't need to tell me, I already know....I am watching you and I know what's best for you.....


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China takes over the world and renames every other country to numbered "autonomous regions" and sets up a global social credit system, having your phone on you at all times is required by law so the government can listen to absolutely everything. Facial recognition cameras everywhere leaving no blind spots.

Anything other than eating, sleeping, working or praising the government gets your points reduced. The lower your score gets the worse people are encouraged to treat you to help re-educate. Once it reaches 0 your gps location and face pic gets sent to everyone nearby who get offered a bunch of points to kill you, resulting in an immediate mob of hundreds trampling each other to get at you first


The world we're almost certainly about to get, where all content is AI-generated and curated by an individual's tastes, you're not allowed to do anything dangerous (including driving your own car) offending people is illegal, and if it's an aspect of your life, it's controlled by leftists, or a corporate code of conduct.

No free speech, no right to bear arms, no hope, no means of enterprise, and every aspect of life being run on pure, distilled, feelings, or data collected from your tech. Office politics will replace social interaction, even outside of work.

Life is pain, life is suffering, life is hard, life is dangerous, death is a universal guarantee, and we all have the right to not lie to ourselves about these facts. I don't want to live in a world where I'm not allowed to do something considered to be dangerous. The way we're headed is a path straight to a childproofed, sanitized, corporate, nanny state, and I fucking hate it. I don't give a fuck about you, your life, your values, or your interests. Just leave me the fuck alone. Let me drive my car, let me drink as much soda as I want, let me die by my own hand if it comes to that, and above all, let me have fucking fun. I'm so tired of not having fun.
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Far worse than you.
>Hillary as president.
>Religion is mandated
>death of the first amendment
>monitored internet.
>being told how to think or being forced to share a view or be put in jail.
>porn being banned from the internet.
(Edited because dyslexic and thought it said utopia.)
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