The Super Best Friends Super Best Thread - Matt's a cuck, Liam is a bitch, Pat's nuts and Woolie is a piss poor marketer


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I think it's more that guests on the podcast/stream/let's play was more of a Matt idea that rarely, if ever, worked. Woolie probably realizes (as an O&A fan) that you need guests on the show, but only if they are a good fit.

I can't imagine that Woolie or Pat were thrilled to have fucking "Laura Kate Dale" (known exceptional individual Kotaku tranny with a KF thread) on the podcast. I think some of those people on that list are cool, but probably not a fit for the podcast then or now. You don't need to have a ton of guests, but just a small handful of good ones.
Pat is constantly regurgitating Jim Sterling on the podcast so he was probably excited to have her on.

The reason I was drawn to them like 10 years ago was because they were just guys playing games. Didnt seem like they were doing it as a job, but just having fun with each other. Woolie and Matt did get more business minded, which worked for them. Pat unfortunately is still stuck in that. He thinks he can skate by on his unprofessional demeanor and his old fame. He hasnt learned to take this seriously it seems.

I mean, I dont like Matt, but when he was in SBFP, we got those 2 videos a day unless something bad happened. And the podcast has always been Woolies baby, so hes always trying to make it happen. Course when theres only 2 people left, you can't go on if there's a cancellation.

Pat just hasnt grown up and I used to love that in videos, but damn if the schtick isnt getting tired

latest lettertime is probably the most Pat has annoyed me in a while

Pat, we get that you like classier designs for female characters in games, you don't have to repeat "BuT mAh TiTtIeS tHo" over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over for 20 minutes in regards to censorship in vidya games, I got it the first time ffs
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Podcast is out and get comfy because this one is five hours. I know some people don't like them this long, but I listen to these on the way to work, so these work out for me. We also have pretty good reason for why the podcast was delayed this week. Pat had to go to court


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Been away from the forums for awhile so had a bit of reading to catch up on. I'll definitely agree with some of the sentiments, besides the podcast I basically checked out of the rest of their content because Pat's streams are just boring to watch both live and in VOD format. Woolie needs better hosts because Reggie just googles/wikis everything to try to sound smart and Minh is just really unfunny no matter how hard he tries. I enjoy the highlight videos from Pat's antics with Paige but fuck watching any of those streams unedited because it's just like 30% dead air/not playing the game, 30% reading donos, 30% complaining about something, and 10% of actual gameplay. I've been enjoying the podcast since it's something I listen to at work but even I've noticed here the last few episodes when the convos get really dumb or just uncomfortable to listen to I'm able to just tune them out until they move onto something better. I can see why people don't like Pat as much but at the same time even I get enjoyment after hearing some of the weird noises or laughs he makes over stupid shit. I do genuinely feel bad for Woolie though because he's nowhere near as successful in his streams like Pat is but I'm pretty sure he's got ventures outside of his stream and the podcast he could most likely fall back on if either/both fell through. I know as much as it might seem they don't get along I still think there's a lot of good chemistry between the conversations between Pat and Woolie and I still enjoy most of the topics they cover, even as stupid as the cannibal one was, it was still funny hearing Woolie referring to it as talking about eating ass in this week's episode.

The localizations talk in this week's podcast set up the biggest strawman of all time in that all localization changes don't matter because they are creepy sex things.
Reminds me of how Pat was lauging at the people getting mad over the Sony censorship and calling them hentai perverts, only to get genuinely concerned when Tifa didn't show up in the first FFVII remake teaser. It's almost like it's funny when it happens to something that someone else likes, but when it's applied to something you like then it's bad and oppressive.


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I gotta say since Pat made it apparent he says shit to intentionally rile people up whether it be via strawmanning or false information (Intentional or accidental crazy talk), I take absolutely nothing he says seriously and almost always discard his opinion in the trash. Which is a shame because I have been a fan of everybody (Except Liam, though him saying "cloud niggers" in the star fox lp was funny due to shock value) but it actually seems like they're all pretty much terrible in their own way now. *sigh*


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Sometimes I think people take online personalities way too seriously.

Then I remember what site I’m on and feel stupid, so fuck it.

I still love how easily Pat can piss people off and how much glee he derives from doing so.


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The hustle talk of this week's podcast was at least fun to listen to. Reminds me of growing up and how I'd get my uncle to buy me candy from warehouses in Tijuana for pennies at a time and I'd sell them at school.
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