The NFL Thread -

WHo's going to win the Super Bowl this year?

  • New England Patriots

    Votes: 43 81.1%
  • Los Angeles Rams

    Votes: 10 18.9%

  • Total voters


I like me some nice big boobs

O.J. Simpson thinks Tom Brady will come back as a New England Patriot in 2020.

In a video shared to Twitter on Thursday, Simpson said Brady will play in New England “for one more year for sure.” His reasoning? There’s no other team with a system equipped to handle Brady, and there’s no system in New England equipped to handle a season without him.

“Brady doesn’t throw the long ball like he used to,” Simpson said. “All the good teams that have the type of o-line that can protect him, they all have top quarterbacks in place right now. You can’t even name the backup quarterbacks on the Patriots.”

Simpson, who also noted the opportunity for Brady to share a “swan song” with Rob Gronkowski, noted one exception to his plan – if the Patriots were to “sign somebody like Teddy Bridgewater.”

W00K #17

Boy Man God Shiiiit
When does Antonio Brown get his own lolcow thread?
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I was legit about to post this, and I was literally going to put "AB is a legitimate cow" as my comment on it.

It got brought up on will Cain show today, has anyone ever so publically and wilfully thrown there own career and life away life this before? Charlie Sheen has to be the only other one on this level right?

Brady done, Breez, done.

I knew eagles were over when Wentz carted off seeing birds like a 1950s loony toon. I'll say they fought so well and amped for next year, we beat Dallas so i'm happy.

Frankly I'm pushing for KC now.
I've noticed that the default position of Eagles fans seems to be "Well the Eagles are out, I hope Andy gets his ring."

I know thats my position now at least.
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Perc Salesman
Trafon's shit is only the tip of the iceberg. It seems like everyone on Twitter is fucking melting down.

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Look, I get that it's fucking disappointing that it was only a poorly animated cameo, especially as over 1 million people signed the petition for the song to be performed, but these people (especially Trafon, who really needs a thread IMO) really needs to calm the fuck down and stop treating this as the NFL, Maroon 5, or Pepsi shitting on Hillenberg's grave. At least I can say that the salt on Twitter is more entertaining than the half-time show itself.
wow.. Cartoon fans have such extreme 'tism that their minds never advance beyond those of toddlers - almost the same shit last year with people saying they were gonna "shut up" kids making noise at Incredibles 2 showings. why do many spongebob fans do this?

I haven't watched the NFL for about 6-7 years. But just for the salt of it, i hope that the Chiefs win the super bowl, so all SJWs can have a meltdown.

I actually really like both these teams in the AFC game right now. I think it'd be really cool to see the Titans make it, but I also think the Chiefs were obviously supposed to be the team last year, and they stand a better chance of dropping 50 on the 9ers or GB, neither of which I'd like to see win this year, SF in particular.


Cram it in me, baby!
I love seeing Tannehill's season end when he stumbles and falls. Let's see him blame the Dolphin's coaching for that one.

Good for you, Chefs.

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