Teacher decapitated in France in suspected terror attack near Paris -

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I light be off here. On twitter they called him “Mr Paty”. So I’m seeing two IDs on this guy (see bottom tweet) View attachment 1666681
Newspaper calling the victim “Samuel P”. Likely Samuel Paty


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I think you're a bit too paranoid. I just checked some of the top French-language news sites (Le Figaro, Le Parisien, Le Monde, FranceTVInfo), they all mention the teacher showing the Mohammed drawings in his free speech lesson, within the essential bullet point summary. I don't think that fact is going to be hidden.

it may seem excessive but it's happened before, why would they feel the need to remove that fact in the first place? don't put anything behind revisionists in the year 2020

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Johan Schmidt

Muh ethnostate
If France were a French ethnostate how many French girls would be being raped by Muslims? How many Frenchmen would have their heads cut off by non whites?

Saying 'Muh ethnostate' is a cute comment, but the reality is that France, Europe and every other white nation is literally besieged by hostile invaders who hate us, want us dead and would wipe us out with glee if they could. Non whites and foreigners under French rule used to be too scared to even look at a French man or woman the wrong way because the soldiers would beat him to death if they did so; and now they've cut off a mans head because he 'offended' their religion. A religion that should not be there in the first place, an attack that would not have happened if the man was not there.

So yes 'muh ethnostate' is desirable. I would rather every single non native of Europe be ejected from her soil back into whatever shithole they've come from and every Mosque razed than a European get so much as a papercut from these 'people'; let alone be fucking decapitated.

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He didn't fly so good.
Just a correction for the OP : the terrorist was a 18 yo tchetchen, not a parent.

This story follows a post which got viral on french Twitter, where the history teacher was accused of showing naked pictures of women to his students and insulting Muhammad.

The teacher immediatly responded by saying he only showed Muhammad caricatures in order to discuss free speach, and allowed Muslim students to leave the class if they didn’t want to look at it.

This is a following story to the Mila case, where a lesbian teen was forced to leave her city and live under police protection after insulting Muhammad on TikTok.

I remember those sweet times back in 2015. When I was a progressive-autistic-sperg, arguing with my step-father when he said islam was a threat to France, and Charlie was only the beginning.

Those last five years clearly have changed my stance. We have a big problem with islam, and this is only getting worse every passing year.
Seriously, what in the fuck is wrong with chechens? They seem to be more savage and barbaric than even the sand jockey muslims. Also, your Step-father is a smart man.

The next terrorist attack in France will most likely be a christchurch-like massacre.

The tension is building up
Wouldn't be a 'terror attack' though. It would simply be some Frenchman performing pest control on a deeply embedded hive that's destroying his country.

Andrew Neiman

I'll cue you!
When I was a progressive-autistic-sperg, arguing with my step-father when he said islam was a threat to France, and Charlie was only the beginning.
There were so many appallingly bad takes in progressive and socialist media about the Charlie Hebdo attack, often delivered by people who clearly had never heard of the publication before that day. There are still so many Charlie Hebdo covers circulated as "proof" that it's a racist publication by people who clearly don't really know what they're looking at. That was my personal 1956, I guess. I'm sure some others reacted the same way.


Did anyone catch the game last night?
race ≠ religion

It is definitely true that certain religions tend to be dominated by adherents of a certain race, especially if a religion was created in an area that is dominated by a specific race (east Asia and Buddhism) but they aren't the same thing. There are Christians all over the world of different races, there's white Muslims (Chechnya), black Buddhists, and so on.

This line of thinking is the same one that causes lefties to accuse you of racism if you criticize Islam and demonize Christianity because of its "whiteness." We should strive to be better than that.

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Baguette eater here.
What frightens me the most is not these news.
It's the fact that since the attack on the Bataclan, which made a lot of noise, every other act of extremism has been watered down.
For example you heard about the Bataclan's attack for weeks and on every French news channel, as for this attack you'll hear about it for two days and on the biggest news channel then people will forget it.

I can't wait to get the hell out of this country.
If you Euros decide to come here, not just to the US, but the entire CONTINENT of America en mass like you did from 1846 to the 1940's; don't bring the same bullshit that let you allow things to get this bad over there, over here, or else you'll get kicked right fucking back.

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