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The climax of Chris's life

  • House Burning Down

    Votes: 165 7.8%
  • Bob Passing Away

    Votes: 177 8.4%
  • Becoming a Tomgirl

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  • Expulsion from PVCC

    Votes: 61 2.9%
  • Winning the Sega Sweepstake

    Votes: 875 41.6%
  • Taint Infection

    Votes: 122 5.8%
  • Other

    Votes: 63 3.0%
  • Multiple things

    Votes: 89 4.2%
  • Never had any hope

    Votes: 201 9.6%
  • The Trump's Chosen People

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True & Honest Fan
Why is Christine so goddamn hot, it pisse
My random thought is that Christine is a courageous human with a loving, open heart that you all tried (but failed) to taint. She still soars, creating, loving, expressing. Nothing can stop her; she is an endless source of power and self-love in the face of adversity and hatred. I wish I were more like her. I wish you all were more like her too, yes, yes. I'd love to see us all come together, Christine, Kiwi Farms, all of us, uniting joyously in love... at last. My heart yearns for it, although I'm fearful the day may not come soon enough.
I agree, Christine is perfect. And I'm fucking jealous of her. Fuck you, Chris. Stupid, sexy, Chris. AAAUUGGH


Ki ki ki ma ma ma
I owe my thanks to discovering the farms to Chris. Specifically his wiki. I used to follow it for the updates on what he was up too after I found him through a video on him. But after they moved the update to redirect everyone here... I quickly became a lurker watching in the backdrops till soon i browsed other areas of the farms and eventually I became a kiwi myself. Thanks Chris you opened a whole new chapter in my life.


You Are A Pirate
as much as i find the cwc saga and it's ongoing weirdness to be... morbidly interesting? i'm also really amazed at just how much of his life has been documented. there's just so fucking much, i do agree with people's comparisons to the truman show. it really adds another layer of interest to me, because i feel at this point, what he does has definitely been influenced by the real life events, and he's definitely batshit insane. there's no way you can live like this and not be. it's like watching the world's slowest trainwreck, and i'll never be able to get over just how deep the cwc rabbit hole truly goes.


Wear your shirt inwards out
would it be accurate to say that until bobs death, Chris still held onto some kindof personal vision of masculinity that he wouldn't let go of (hence the tomgirl saga) And this vision dissipated slowly after bobs death until he decided to just recant his maleness entirely.
So when Kacey's dad told Chris You're not a man, Chris right now would say Thank you

Chan Fan

Quarantine Queen
It would make sense if all the Sonichus and Rosechus wore jewelry of Chris since he's their deity, like how people wear crosses/crucifixes. I wonder if anyone has ever suggested this to him. That's a real missed marketing opportunity on his part. Or each character could have their own symbols on their jewelry, like a lot of magical girl anime does
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