Pictures on the Internet that have made you laugh hysterically - *cue 5 minutes of painful wheezing*

Listen here cum-slut, I bet you 5 million dollars that you don’t own a bird. But guess what? I own 7. And I can tell you right now that a bird would never just walk into something like a chocolate fountain. They’ll rarely walk directly into water. But say that your idiotic theory is correct. Say it did actually walk into it. That animal still probably died. Is that still funny to you? Do you still get your kicks out of knowing that that bird was probably terrified and opening its mouth to scream in that last panel? And if you say yes then you seriously disgust me as a human being


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Same dude actually did "XXXenophile", a collection of very deviant porno comics with I believe his wife. It got a card collecting thing as well.
That's Phil Foglio, who first appeared in early Dragon magazine for D&D nerds, and later illustrated a series of comics for Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures series (along with the rest of his career).

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