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Jameela Jamil, best known for her role on NBC's The Good Place as a posh, pretentious princess, doesn't really differ from her character. Well, except for the fact that her entire family has Munchhausen Syndrome, and they milk it for all it's worth.

Meet the Munchies

Jameela has a long list of illnesses/traumas she's suffered from. Somehow, despite all her ailments, she holds multiple gigs within the TV industry. Here's the list:
  • Hearing loss from labyrinthitis
  • Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
  • High cholesterol
  • Low blood pressure
  • Pre-diabetic
  • Spinal damage from a car accident
  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Suicide attempt
  • PTSD
  • Mercury poisoning
  • Celiac disease
  • Severe food allergies
  • Cervical cancer (two instances)
  • A breast cancer scare
  • Rape
  • Eczema
  • HPV
  • Swarms of bees. Everywhere. More than the Oprah gif.
All of these conditions are mentioned in the articles linked in this page or on her Wikipedia (a) page. She gets a lot of media attention because of her constant "suffering," but some in the mainstream are starting to doubt her. (s/a)

This article (a) deconstructs Jameela's bullshit:

Surviving cancer twice
In an interview with the Mirror in 2015, Jameela claimed she had a breast cancer scare the previous year. She discovered a lump, which was found to not be cancerous. Then four years later in 2019 Jameela spoke out about surviving cancer twice.

In a tweet Jameela wrote she had experienced the illness twice. Tracie questioned how does one false alarm for breast cancer turn into surviving two experiences.

Jameela replied to Tracie asking her what cancer’s she had and said she’s experienced cervical cancer in 2016 and 2019. But to another user said it was HPV virus.

The maddest parts of Jameela’s illnesses is that she always seems to get into car accidents after seeing swarms of bees.

In the Instagram thread Tracie discusses two bee chases that end in car accidents for Jameela. Jameela has said on her Twitter these are two separate incidents 13 years apart.

In a 2015 interview Jameela said when she was 17 she was trying to avoid a bee and ran into traffic. She claimed she broke several bones, had to walk with a zimmer frame and was confined to her bed for two years.

Then in a 2019 interview with Cosmo discussing the same accident, Jameela said she was confined to bed only for a year and then was in a wheelchair for six months afterwards, with no mention of the zimmer frame.

Jameela then claimed she had another bee chase which resulted in a car accident 13 years later when she was filming for The Good Place.

Tracie also uncovered a third incident of bees allegedly swarming Jameela. In 2015 Jameela claimed she was with Mark Ronson and a swarm of killer bees, around “500” attacked the table of food they had left out. A few days later Mark was asked if he had recovered from the incident. He said there were “one or two” bees.


Jameela has previously tweeted she has a phobia of bees.

In 2013 Jameela claimed she was interviewing Olly Murs and they had a play fight. She said she broke her butt, her ankle, three ribs, her arm, lost her front tooth and got concussion. Her fall is recorded and available to watch on Tracie’s Instagram story.

In the clip Jameela gets up, is taken in an ambulance and then immediately gets out and completes an interview with Olly Murs. Her nose, elbow and teeth all appear in tact. However it’s hard to tell if someone is affected by concussion as the signs aren’t immediately obvious. Jameela said she used eyelash adhesive to stick her tooth back in and carried on filming.

In 2018 Jameela recounted the same moment but only said she broke her elbow, nose, lost her front tooth and got concussion after falling whilst filming.

In a 2015 interview Jameela said she was allergic to shellfish and peanuts as a child. Earlier this week Jameela posted a picture of some peanut based treats on her Instagram story.

And last night she defended on Twitter eating the nut treats as the allergy had worn off as she got older. According to a 2013 report by the Mayo Clinic only 20 per cent of children with a peanut allergy grow out of it.

Her mother, Shireen (a), also appears to have Munchhausen Syndrome:


I Weigh / Slacktivism

Jameela runs the I Weigh campaign (a), which is basically a missionless amalgam of SJW gobbledygook. Because her activism is all about her, as earlier screenshots have suggested, the header is a giant fucking photo of her face. What else would go in the header of an activist website?

She claims I Weigh's goal is to create legislative change to criminalize fatphobia as "hate speech," but the articles on the front page of the website are all about... sex work? PoC artistry? Nothing to do with fatphobia, just random left-wing causes du jour.




However, it seems this woke persona is all about building her brand, since Jameela keeps slipping up. Twitter fat activist Stephanie Yeboah (s/a) called Jameela out on her dismissal of body positivity, then later accused her of being racist:
Jameela responded, taking what many saw as valid criticism as a personal attack. But her activism totally isn't about her:

Another article (a) details how her attacks on female musicians all seem to be to bolster her own image, as well as her hypocrisy - she claims to be pro sex-work on her I Weigh website, but has attacked Rihanna etc. for baring too much in an archived post on her old Tumblr blog.


She also criticized the Kardashians for launching a body-makeup line, despite the fact that Kim Kardashian suffers from multiple skin condition. People rightly sided with Kim:


...it's an opinion piece. You can spout yours (and always do); why can't someone else?

Her latest failing at wokeness comes from her role as a judge on an upcoming voguing competition series. She is a straight woman, and has no prior involvement with voguing or ballroom culture. She landed the gig because she's a well-known actress, and instead of accepting criticism for "taking up space" or taking the role from someone in the scene, Jameela decided to... call herself "queer," which everyone figured out means literally nothing in 2020.



Another topic Jameela rails against - yet benefits from - is Photoshop. Instead of refusing to do magazine covers or not edit her online photos, she offers up a pathetic excuse why it's OK for her to do, while still attacking other female celebrities and models for using it. (a)


Rules for thee, not for me. Self-centered activism. She really was perfectly cast for her character on The Good Place.


Twitter (a)
Instagram (a)
I Weigh Twitter (a)
I Weigh Instagram (a)


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Good OP. I remember following her on Twitter after enjoying her in The Good Place and unfollowing her shortly after. If Wikipedia had an article on celebrities with a saviour complex she'd be the picture at the top of the article. She goes on and on about body positivity but it's easy to be body positive when you're tall, voluptuous and conventionally attractive. The fact she IS her character in The Good Place shows she has less than zero self-awareness.


I've thought she was a bit of a lolcow too.

You forgot the part where she was a TV presenter in the 2000's, disappeared for a decade, and was suddenly more famous than ever thanks to The Good Place and is now hanging on as tight as possible.

I always disliked her because she was one of the boring unfunny presenters T4 hired along with Alexa Chung.
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I've thought she was a bit of a lolcow too.

You forgot the part where she was a TV presenter in the 2000's, disappeared for a decade, and was suddenly more famous than ever thanks to The Good Place and is now hanging on as tight as possible.

I always hated her because she was one of the boring unfunny presenters T4 hired alongside Alexa Chung.
I was about to add to that all the game show panels she appeared on but Google tells me I've been confusing Jameela with Jamelia for the last decade or so. I just thought she'd ditched the brummie accent.

Anyway, good OP, OP. Definitely a lolcow.


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Question: How'd you do that thing with the article? It functions like a separate page within the thread, with it's own scroll bar and everything. I've never seen that before.

Otherwise, good thread! This person doesn't seem like the type I'd personally follow, but they're interesting enough. She talks exactly like a South Park character meant to make fun of woke people on the Internet.

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I love The Good Place, and thought she worked very well on it, even though it was her first acting role. And I used to think she was just incredibly naive in spouting every woke thought that crossed her twitter feed, mindlessly repeating talking points because she wanted to be hailed as The Most Tolerant Ever.

I didn't realise that she was more insidious than that, and a lot more of it is an act than I thought. Which is a shame, because it colours my view of a show I loved because I don't really separate her from her character yet, unlike with the others. Some actors colour their characters as shows progress, and I can't help but think that the word problematic snuck into The Good Place solely because Jameela Jamil is the sort to use it to describe everything around her.


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Jesus. I knew this woman was insufferable, but this thread just showed me that it was worse than I thought.

This bitch is trying SO HARD to parlay her role on The Good Place into becoming the Kim Kardashian of wokeness.

I totally saw the whole "but....but...i'm actually queer, y'all!" response coming from a mile away. Other D-listers like Mara "Matilda" Wilson pulled that shit when they got called out for pushing their way into gay spaces, so it was only natural for Jamila - a woman not connected romantically to women before - to claim non-existent gayness too.

Still, it's entertaining to see Jamila constantly get her flesh picked on by the vultures she chooses to court for clout and yet continues to seek their attention and approval.

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I brought Jameela into the general Munchie thread this week, so I am totally here for this thread. She is an insufferable twat.

Tracie Morrissey’s commitment to debunking Jameela’s bullshit is absolutely first class.

Jameela also gets concussion a lot. Most of us manage to get through life having experienced it precisely never, maybe once if you’re unlucky. Jameela seems to get concussion multiple times per year, and then tweets about it.


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I cannot stand her. The only thing I've ever saw her in was in a special episode of The Great British Bake Off. Unfortunately I can only find this two minute video from the episode (featuring the delightful Michael Sheen). She's so unlikable and full of herself. I didn't know she was also a munchie. What a cow.


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I'm glad she's finally got her thread. I wondered how the hell she reckons she's queer when caught taking a role that would probably be best suited to a LGB person. But if she reckons that she's had concussion eleventy times and is confusing low-grade CIN with cervical cancer, she probably thinks that having once fancied someone without elucidating their pronouns first constitutes being queer.


I've thought she was a bit of a lolcow too.

You forgot the part where she was a TV presenter in the 2000's, disappeared for a decade, and was suddenly more famous than ever thanks to The Good Place and is now hanging on as tight as possible.

I always hated her because she was one of the boring unfunny presenters T4 hired alongside Alexa Chung.
Oh wow, I forgot all about this. She really was that boring.
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Never knew she was a Munchie on top of her SJW sperging, but I'm not surprised. She tries so hard to be the wokest, it's embarrassing. I particularly recall her "OMG look at me unfollowing big meanie TERF Rowling" tweets and how she first went on about "plastic surgery is evil, body positivity!!!" but immediately apologised and backtracked when troons went all "but what about lifesaving trans surgeries! transphobia!!". She has no backbone whatsoever.