How To Deal With Earth's Overpopulation Problems ? - Too Many Humans, Not Enough Resources


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Thanks to F##ed up politics around the world, we are already seeing the signs of human over population - everything from housing shortages, to food shortages, to shortages in critical skilled labor , to infrastructure issues.
* Realistically * is it possible to fix this mess the world is in now ? Do we need a strict authoritarian One World Government ® to solve world problems ?
Currently politicians are ether ignoring the problems, talking about the problems, or indiscriminately throwing money at the problems ... none of which are actually doing anything.

Do you have a * realistic and practical * solution to human overpopulation and all the problems that come with it ?
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We need a large scale war. That's always solved population issues in the past. Either a physical war to kill off a bunch of dead weight or some kind of economic/technological war to boost current available tech to increase agriculture and infrastructure.

A one-world government would only make the situation worse since the resource allocation would go to third world countries where they already have too much population for their resources.


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We can just wait around doing nothing and if overpopulation ever becomes a problem the weak will die and the strong will survive. If the climate change is real the weak will burn and populations size will stagnate around something more sustainable. It's a problem that'll fix itself. The only reason why Africa's population is growing is because the west is giving them resources, otherwise they would die.

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The planet is in the proccess of optimalizing human population already. Humans have nothing to say in this. This is what all the climate experts who've been studying this for decades agree on, if you cut the middle man politicians wanting to score a quick buck on this: it's far too late to stop the damage the industrial civilization has done, as it's already well into a feedback loop. If you look for recent interviews with authors of the original Limiths of Growth study from 1972 they agree that they were too optimistic and there is nothing to be done now. There was some recent study which calculated that even if all the cities on earth were razed to the ground overnight and forests planted in their places it still wouldn't stop the climate change. There are too many interconnected feedback loop processes like acidification of oceans etc. that were undervaluated and turns out they are acting out at a pace 100s time faster then predicted before.

The game is already over and we're just watching the outro to civilization now, may as well sit back, relax and enjoy the show while we wait for the imminent sequel, Earth 2: The Cannibal Wasteland.


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We need a large scale war. That's always solved population issues in the past
Not really. The deaths aren't that numerous for most wars. The real poblem is that africa and india don't read buzzfeed. They don't have enough trannies, enough homosexuals and enough of demoralized population that believes that having kids will choke them to death due to pollution. They also don't have the economic incentives that keep families small.

As for OP's question:

One world government isn't a solution to any problem you or I experience. The only thing it solves is that some people, those who have the most power in the world, will have better control over every little parcel of land and over every law. It just means that you will never have any input into how these things are solved.

It means that mass starvation of whatever groups they deem fit, gets into the realm of practical and realistic, since whatever that one world government decides is what becomes both practical and realistic.

This is some of the art that they commission. It might give you an idea of the future that they dream of.

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Humanity's ego as a whole thinks it is capable and responsible of solving the Earth's problems, but humanity is just barely affecting it despite covering most habitable parts of it. There is no need to deal with it. If humanity fucks up, nature will kick it down a few steps every time. We're not yet advanced enough to change the pecking order of this space rock.

I also think Hans Rosling had the right idea with how population growth works.

As for the obvious next question "are we capable of handling 11 billion?" I think yes. We're already plenty capable of producing a lot of food with technology that hasn't even peaked yet since we're now producing super crops. It'll get even better as synthetic foods become feasible. I genuinely believe there is no problem and humanity as a whole will plateau and stop reproducing. The only real problem is the butt-fuck stupid system that relied on there always being more young people than old people, but I ain't touching that shit with a 10-foot-pole.


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It will probably take care of itself through famine and disease. I learned in a biology class that once a population reaches a certain threshold and resources become scarce, there is usually something to cull the population.
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Climate extinction, malthusian apocalypse, the coming apparent of end of everything, it's all bullshit. It's all there to instill anxiety in you. People overcome with anxiety look to their perceived superiors for instruction and are thus in a more receptive state, ready to get their marching orders like the good little soldiers they are.

We all need to learn to see past this chickenshit mind game and stop being manipulated with fear.

I agree with the others that it is a self-solving problem in certain ways, and that human population growth will stagnate and possibly even decline, youre seeing it to some degree in a bunch of first world nations now. I remember reading of some study, "Habitat 30" or something like that where they studied overpopulation in rats and even saw some things we're seeing paralleled today, but one of the effects was just that over time I think population growth stalled out.

The infrastructure stuff, some of it could be handled through better use of resources,and the rest of it is social and political for the most part. If youre worrying about climate change, at this point most of the damage is done, it's a matter of to what degree it will roll downhill but trying any large scale thing to "fix" it will probably result in more legislation and shit that will end up adding to it in the long run.
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I also think Hans Rosling had the right idea with how population growth works.
It's a completely exceptional point of view. He calls having low fertility rates "love", when in reality it's ceding defeat to whatever group decides not to self-castrate their fertility rates.

It's completely ignorant of competition between different groups. A couple of those groups (for example muslims), see fertility as a cold-war weapon. ]The womb is their weapon. And no wonder; there isn't a single country in the world where you can identify a group that has higher fertility than muslims in roughly the same geographic area.

On top of that it's ignorant of some of the other restraints on fertility. He acurately mentions the decoupling of sex and conception, but he doesn't mention the variety of ways in which fertility in the west was decreased.

This is a memo from the late 1960s. Compare society then and society now and see how many of these proposals of the rockafeller funded memo have been made real.

jaffe memo.PNG
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