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I'm already sick of Christmas songs
I thought I found my missing dog. I went to the shelter hoping it was him. So close they could be brothers. But my dog has long skinny legs and this dog had short, thick legs. I didn't go there with a whole lot of hope. The poor thing was so scared. The shelter's website says the dog has a chip. So hopefully the owner can be contacted. I hope no one dumped him because he was old. It's a nice little dog. Just scared.

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!Bigfoot! sightings please call 908-314-7784
Realized I grew an entire inch from 5'8 to 5'9 over the course of this year. Pretty surprising considering I've been at the 30th percentile my entire life (barring 13-14 when I was 40th), was a slightly-early bloomer (11), and stopped growing at 17; at 18 the doctor even told me there was essentially no chance I'd get any taller. Not the holy 6'0, but I don't really care because my dad's 5'7 and mom's 5'4, and people have constantly overestimated my age by 5+ years since I was 15. So I guess there's one good unexpected thing about 2020.

I'm only 5'9'', but I have 6'1'' from middle fingertip to middle fingertip. I find that if I talk loudly and wave my apelike arms around, people estimate my height at 6'.

Try that.


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I'm only 5'9'', but I have 6'1'' from middle fingertip to middle fingertip. I find that if I talk loudly and wave my apelike arms around, people estimate my height at 6'.

Try that.
Just measured it myself and it's 5'10. There's no indication I stopped growing (again) so it probably indicates I'm going to actually end up 5'10+. I just measured my head and it's 10 inches, indicating I'll end up 6'3...that actually aligns with one of my close relatives who grew 7 inches from 5'5 to 6'0 in college, though unlike me he was a late bloomer, didn't have a true growth spurt as a teen, and wasn't near his predicted height based on his parents. I'd honestly rather have stayed at 5'8 than potentially grow to 6'3 because that's too tall IMO :/
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So I just went to the bathroom to wash my hair. I walk in the bathroom to see a spider vibing on the wall over the toilet. Spiders like this one specific bathroom for some reason; we think they come up through the drain somehow. Anyway, I step closer to identify it. It's decent-sized with bendy legs, there's a stripe or two on it, and oddly enough it appears to be a reddish brown tan color. Usually I will try to catch spiders I know are harmless with a cup and let them outside, so I remember what it looks like and do some Google Fu for identification. The color struck me but then again the wallpaper color could be affecting his appearance.

This dude is either a grass spider variant or...a brown recluse. To be on the safe side, I decide to kill it with a shampoo bottle. I return to the bathroom.

He's not there anymore. I can't find him.


You expect me to say garbage day?
Finally balanced my bank account from now on I'm only sending money thru PayPal from the PayPal wallet and not the bank.

I was sending condolences to my aunt the whole family is, in case the insurance company tries to screw her over
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I feel like something horrible is about to happen to me and that no one will be there for me when it does. I've not dealt with this level of paranoia in a very long time, and I'm not having a good time of it.

I have work in less than 8 hours and I've already heard that I might be on the chopping block as the last manager to get called up due to budget shortfalls. I don't know what I'll do if I lose this job, it's all I've got now.


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I fucking HATE dating, or at least that early steps process where you're looking for someone. Don't get me wrong, I don't have trouble getting along with people, nor do I consider myself a tumblr snowflake who would make my boyfriend's life miserable. But I worry about a lot of things out of some long-rooted trust issues. When I meet a stranger, I can't assess how genuine they are or how much they really care about pursuing something. I've kissed enough frogs at this point to want to settle down with the real deal and I worry how patient the other person will be in my attempt to uncover that.

And, on a serious note, I won't lie--I've received nonconsensual touching in the past. To the point where I freak out if casually touched without warning. It sucks but I do it out of instinct. Hoping I can solve those issues in time and find Mr. Right. I'd like to start a family...


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You know what, fuck it, I'm finishing my degree this spring even if everything's online. I just want to get my damn Bachelor's degree and be over it like 16-year-old me would say. I can probably manage to get decent grades, even with all the horror stories I've heard, considering how well I've done with minimal effort in my previous CS classes.