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Wew, takin' a good swing at a hard problem. It kinda ignores what the original was trying to teach, if you could consider it a lesson even, but I'm a sucker for a happy ending.
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The Tumblr kids can't fathom that someone who's part of a "cool, progressive" minority (fat, genderfluid) could be mean to people who are not deemed cool or progressive ("the Jews", "the gays", and the straight white protags) and feel justified in their cruelty because of it.

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The thing is, it's not that I'm mad that it's that they are gender queer and all that shit and they're a bad guy that makes me mad, since I love Heathers, but it's the fact that the movie literally made the every day pretty girl into bullies against people who were bullied and always made fun of, and one girl trying to fit in with them.

Now whether it's a hot take on today's trans-trender shit or not is still up in the air but I don't like the fact that the original idea of the movie is thrown out for the sake of diversity. It'd be like remaking Heat and then saying "all the cops are trans." Well congratulations, you made a change of identity for the sake of diversity and it's gonna backfire once people note that these robbers are killing them.
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