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When will the begathon(s) for federal taxes happen (Up to 2 choices)?

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Praise 'til you're hollow
Being valedictorian means nothing in a lot of cases. My classes valedictorian never took a math class higher than geometry, and did Home Economy every year because of the easy A.
I know. That's the point.

Phil went to a high school that was more about putting an orange ball through a hoop than it was about test scores (unless you were Charlie Chang Wang). So, this being a bragging point is fruitless. Just the same as him having a business degree in finance where using a calculator and having a working cardiovascular system is enough to pass the required classes.


soap dropped, nigga
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Between the way he handled the foreclosure reveal and the conclusion, I think he was angry on two fronts.

1. We ruined the foreclosure reveal. Phil kept things hush hush, months after his lawyer told him he should tell his audience, for some reason. I believe that reason is that he was deliberately staggering his begging. He wanted Thanksgiving and Christmas to be just about raising as much as possible without a specified reason. Phil didn't have to do work and get his beg on, it was just Christmas, and the whales are trained at this point. As we roll up after his January Twitch payment, boom, it was now time to launch Phase 1 Begging of 2020. This was supposed to blindside his audience. An outpouring of support!

It didn't work, because most of his audience had seen people posting exactly what Phil just told them... at the end of November. In the interim, they seem to have taken Phil's non-reaction in the exact same way he wanted them to take it for WWE Champions - 'I don't acknowledge it because it isn't true.' Phil was furious that his chat, including some regulars, like GrazyDream, questioned why he sat on the info for so long and called detractors liars when it was, as far as anyone could see, completely correct. Phil tacked on that detractors were saying he wouldn't need help anymore, what I suspect he had planned to be the coup de grace of the beg. But that wasn't received with the outpouring of sympathy that he had hoped for... because his chat knew nobody had been saying that. The facts had been repeated for months, and Phil had ignored them for reasons he couldn't explain, and clearly illustrated he had no reason to delay. So the detractors stole the thunder on this one.

2. WWE Champions has cast a shadow on the whole thing. Phil's fumbling story, which changed between last night, his first rant about it today, and his second rant about it tonight, included the revelation that he actually had played the game in question, something he had forgotten for 2 days, and likely after the window of time that he indicated he stopped playing all of them. And he was furious, flipping off the camera and seemingly on the verge of tears. They might have been fake, but it was a weird note to end a stream that was supposed to be about a rally for positivity. Further, his half-cocked excuses for why he couldn't just show his account were not ready to be presented, and everyone in chat spammed that they knew the number in question had settled on $40k. So, again, the audience was not complying. He probably didn't help his case by waving his phone around while refusing to try to present proof of anything. His excuse was that we would search the 'real name' and find other accounts that use it.... and... what, Phil? THOSE are the ones that have $40k spent on them? It's not a good scene when your defense is "I can't let them check if this is a skeleton in my closet because then they might find the other skeletons in my closet." It was messy and emotional, and it was how he ended the stream, but probably not how he had planned to.

He thought he was playing 4D chess with the timing of the foreclosure reveal, but common sense already had him in check.
Makes his little karma rant pure gold in hindsight. Enjoy your fucking comeuppance Dave, you earned it.


Prince Lotor

. . .and the blackest eyes. The Devil's eyes.
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In conclusion, hoes mad
I wonder when it's public record Phil pissed away all this money on jpegs of sweaty men it'll embarass twitch publicly like when Alinity let the dog eat her cooter. Or threw the cat. Or when she married a dude for a green card.
That shit at least made the Kotaku type circles as well as Phil's gouty spooge blast on camera.
This ought to be a black eye for them. Is Hasan Abudabi fapping to Italian sausage pics? I imagine Phil's man area is so pale it's like chalk.
Twitch is like an excess of whores, scammers and people with too much authority and inconsistent rule application.
Phil never should have hit affiliate let alone the Empire of Gout erupting from his tiny balls