D$P RP - Come get yer ya ya's out. Or don't.


Peep, peep, RAWR!!!!!!111one
Agree as well: RPing as DSP is fucking cringy.

So many people on the farms are borderline genuine fans but are in denial.

Can we have a poll whether RPing as Dave should be a bannable offense? I second that motion.
I think ltg put it best:
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But seriously. Just give these role-playing fucks their own thread and they can ACKACK *LEANS IN* Nothin personnel, kid all they want without inflating this thread for actual discussion. I feel like if other mundane shit is shipped off to other threads, so should DSP RP.

(Let that sink in: you are roleplaying. As darksydephil.
As many folks enjoy the D$P RP and many do not, I made a little thread where people may D$P RP and read D$P RP to their heart's content.

[Mod Note: I replied to the two posts above that spurred the creation of this thread with the following:

@Raven'sChild's made a thread for it. That's fine. But I'm not gonna tell everyone here that they can't have their stupid fun.

There's more serious problems with the Subforum that would require some seriously aggressive moderating to coerce cooperation. People writing like Phil speaks isn't the place that's gonna start.
To repeat, no one's gonna be thread-banned from "General Discussion" for DSPeak-ing there. At the same time, I don't think there's any harm in having this separate area for "RP", if that makes sense :)]
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You don't know what hard times are daddy.
Well, no one's talking to me.
And uhhhhh Suhdelluh? Suhdelluh's not even here so why bring him up you stupid fucking moron and the folks in the chat quit talking about Pizza Hut and the NFL we're playing PUBG here. (ok one and done)
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This was my depression
Okay, uuuh, threads like this split the uuuh the group mentality, riiiight? Lipsmack? But uhm, okay let me phrase it this way. Nobody is better than the other, you know what I mean? I'm just a casual detractor like everyone of you. I don't make up fucking stupid rants before release day, noooo. If you think you can create drama in advance, then you are a fucking idiot! This is not how the mature adult world works! I sit here every-single-day, working my ass off, to end Phil's meat, but idiots like you ruin the chill fun for everyone!
/bad imitation start/ Oooh, look at me, I'm to good to read day one drama in the main thread /bad imitation end/. Well then fuck you! How is that for a change? Ack ack ack. Ah mah gah, seriously dood *pleased snort*
*random lean in ban*.



*clicks record for YouTube

Okay! Welcome welcome ladies and gentlemen. Ahem. Welcom to a FULL DAY of shitposting. Yes. A full day of Darksdephil role play. Yes. I will be doing a full day. Ahem. Five WHOLE minutes of shitposting. Okay.

Okay, let's see...

Today... Umm... Today we will... Ahem. *coughs up a metric ton of mucus into the microphone

Excuse me, I have a slight cold because it is cold and rainy here in Seattle, Washington where I currently live.

Okay. Well today... Wait, DonkeyPunch_Super cheered and asks "how's the weather Phil?" Well, actually, no lie, the weather has been great. It's been sunny all week and despite the "meme" of Seattle being rainy it hasn't rained once, okay.

So today we will, umm, we will be... We will be playing... Hold on, Jasper just came in. Come here Jasper! Come here boy! I have a tennis ball for you! *throws tennis ball* okay I guess he doesn't want to play fetch. Normally, okay, normally Jasper will fetch a tennis ball and he can fetch the newspaper. He's really smart. I guess he's too tired to do it today. Jasper was up all night doing various activities. I don't want to get into it now.

Okay, enough of that. Let's see... GoldenColts did a 100 bit cheer overnight! Thank you very much GoldenColts.

So today... Today we will be doing... Ahem. Today we will be doing some shitposting. Yes. Some robust Darksydephil role play, that's right. If you remember, last time I did Darksydephil role play in the main thread everyone was all, *gumshoe voice* "Darksydephil role play sucks" huhuhu WRONG! I am a member of this website and can shitpost whatever I want, okay.

JaspersStinkyLitterBox just cheered and asked, "Phil have you ever had chicken tacos?" No. I've never had chicken tacos. I don't know what you are talking about. Dakkysmurf asked, "Phil, what did you have for dinner?" Well tonight Kat made chicken tacos. There are no cows in Mexico because there is no grass for them to eat. You might not know this, but everything south of Kansas is a desert wasteland. Mexicans only eat chicken because chickens eat sand.

We just got a dollar troll tip. Not going to acknowledge that.

The Last Stand

@Mrs Paul's standing ovation.
True & Honest Fan
These damn detractors from some website stream my daily streams ILLEGALLY and take what I say or do EXTREMELY out of khantext. Literally, they take a snippet of truth and spin it around to make me look bad. sips "coffee" Okay guys, I don't like to discuss drama but as you know, I need to raise a lot of funds this months to pay my taxes. If I don't pay these taxes, I could lose my house. SNORT



Welcome welcome to tonight's gameplay of Call of Duty. This will be chill and interactive.

WHAT THE FUCK! I shot him! I did! I shot him first. What a great game.

OH MY GOD! Did you see that!? Did you see that!? I never did that! Oh my god.

Yes. He walked in front of full auto and lived. What the fuck.

Holy shit. This guy jumps around like a kangaroo and kills me. What a great game. This sucks. This truly sucks.

OH MY GOD! Seriously, this game sucks. This is not fun.

Okay. Okay. I'm done. This game sucks. The whole game is broken. Quick scoping is unfair. People jump around. I can't get any kills. I'm done. Thanks a lot. Your game is a broken piece of shit. Haha haha. Your game is shit!

Join me tomorrow for more Call of Duty.


Yes, welcome welcome to a FULL WEEK of DSP role play.

Yes. *sip of drink

Yes, I will... Umm... I will be doing a full week of role play. Umm...

Thanks to GoldenColts for the overnight cheer.

PhillsDirtyDiaper cheered and asked, "Do a collab with Wings" First of all, my name only has one L so you are a moron. Second, no! I am nothing like Wings. Wings is an overweight streamer who begs for money and gets trolled all the time and he bans people who annoy him. I am a trim, muscular, hard working American who has no trolls. Eenjoy your ban.

Okay. Let's see...

Alright, today we have a FULL DAY OF FUN! Yes, I will be doing a full 6 hours of Outer Planets. I'm really having a lot of fun and so are you. Last time we did some stuff and some missions. Okay. So today we're going to pick up where we left off.

*10 minutes of silence

Haha haha look! I shot that dude! Oh my god.

*10 more minutes of silence

Okay. Well nobody is talking to me. Chat is talking about my wife and other things not related to the stream. I don't know where the mods are at.

*several lean in manual bans

Okay. I hope that is all sorted out. I'm sorry people, there are a lot of trolls here today. Huhuhuhu. Okay.

the khat quaffer

Alright guys, just being real hanest here. Just gonna be very upfront and hahnest here, cause you know me, I like to tell the truth. So apparently, alotuhpeepul think that I feel we should start unilatterally BANNING anyone roleplaying in the streamchat.

First, please don't backseat moderate. There's a way to get your point across without demanding it.

@Raven'sChild's made a thread for it. That's fine. But I'm not gonna tell everyone here that they can't have their stupid fun.

There's more serious problems with the Subforum that would require some seriously aggressive moderating to coerce cooperation. People writing like Phil speaks isn't the place that's gonna start.

Those of us with properly hinged brains can see that ROLEPLAYING could MAYBE be a bannable offense. I didn't say people themselves should get banned for it. That would be being an armchair quarterback. I said the offense is ban-worthy, not the people. Two totally different things.


Sound good? Alright then. *bottle crunch*


Well apparently there is a new meme thread where people imitate me. Huhuhu.

Umm, no. I sound nothing like that, okay. I umm... I sound like an adult human. People who try to imitate me are mentally ill and physically hurt my family.


Alright. Enough of those idiots. I'm sick of kiddie shit. Back to Hello Kitty Island Adventure. WHOA! A HUGE WAVE! ACK ACK ACK! DID YOU SEE! DID YOU SEE THAT!

Okay Fragsydefrag is a troll and is now banned. I'm trying to have a cool chill stream of Hello Kitty and you ruined it. Okay. Umm....

Look! Look! A palm tree! Ackhahahahhaha! This game is so fun guys. Sadly, I'm not getting very much interaction despite how fun this game is.

Hahahahaha! Hello Kitty made a sand castle! Oh my god! This is so much fun!

*stares at chat

Well. That's it. Sadly, even though I had a TON of fun, chat didn't enjoy Hello Kitty. Yes, FutaroDipper I would consider playing it again if I got support. Sadly I have too many games to play.

Okay join me tomorrow for Super Mario Tic Tac Toe and Ultra Quilting 9000. A full day of fun!