Are there groups of people you don't think deserve sympathy? - Are there groups of people you don't think deserve sympathy ever

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As the title says are there groups of people you believe don't deserve any sympathy, such as sex offenders or serial killers.

I personally believe pornstars don't deserve sympathy whenever they catch an STD or end up single mothers or killed since they chose to become pornstars, like with the August Ames thing last year.
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I actually consider myself to be very tolerant of people's differences, and I try not to ascribe to malice what can be explained by stupidity. That being said, if a group of people constitute a threat to your continued survival and well being, then sympathy is a luxury you can't afford. The other group that deserves exactly what they get is people who have no real sense of right and wrong and just fall back on platitudes like "just be a good person bro", or "just don't be a dick". That sort of shit is literal slave morality, and those who subscribe to it inevitably get pwnt by anyone with actual principles, for better or worse.

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Not sure to what extent the concept of 'free will' exists, given the blueprint our genetic material lays out for each of us. Pedo, autist, commie, they're all meandering down their stupid paths, unwittingly most of the time. Soft times make soft people, and soft people are pitiful.

That said, I have no sympathy for anyone.