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I wonder if Phil will move back with his mom now that his father has died. I'm too out of the loop to know whether they were together, but I bet either way she's upset and he could use her as an easy / free place to regroup. We'll see what happens.

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I heard that Angelo smacked his arse for being a little shit over something and that turned into the legend of Daddy Rape Day.

If the poem is to be believed, think how, well, unlikely it is. At Penn's Landing on Independence Day. Not a burger but having looked that place up on Google Maps with Street View it's pretty likely to be full of tourists and drunks and people with flags on their heads having a good time. I think they would notice some bloke bumming his kid on the waterfront.

The thing with Phil is that he always has to one up everyone. His antifa mate punched a Proud Boy? Phil obviously has to have beaten the shit out of him and stolen his phone. His fellow transtrender was thrown out of his home? Phil was raped by his dad and for years was in a state of "houselessness." Kiwi Farms calls Fire a melted trashbag? Phil says we have a stalker on his block and that's why he has to sleep by the door with his trannybat in arms' reach.

all the tourists cheered and then one of them put a noose around Phil’s neck and shouted THIS IS MAGA COUNTRY


stung by a scorpion
Like White European Settlers,

He colonized and violated my body,

As if it were land,

a dead thing you can claim.

Hahaha, God, that poem gets me every time. Especially this dramatic reading of it. Its just pure gold. Peak Phil, and really sums up everything idiot that was posting crap on Deviantart back then. It reads like a 90s parody of some edgy, pseudo-intellectual high school activist, except of course Phil wrote it ostensibly as an adult and without a hint of irony, then posted it on the internet for all eternity. The part about "colonizing his body like a white settler" still cracks me up.

Rest in Peace Angelo. You did better with your life once you ditched that retard family and got with the hot black woman. I find it funny that Phil has spent his entire life pretending that his dad was Puerto Rican and that he's some sort of trans indigenous activist, yet he's super racist and afraid of minorities, while his dad seems to have been a very open minded and progressive guy. I do think daddy rape day was partially because his mother forced him to buy into the narrative. The fact that the courts ruled against his mother makes it seen that she was truly incompetent, given that the US legal system tends to be heavily biased against men. It makes me suspect she may well be mentally impaired like Phil and his brother. After all, those sorts of things can run in the family. Like I said, Angelo was smart to get out when he did. No wonder Phil resents him.

I wonder if Phil will move back with his mom now that his father has died. I'm too out of the loop to know whether they were together, but I bet either way she's upset and he could use her as an easy / free place to regroup. We'll see what happens.

AFAIK Angelo and Phil's mom separated a long time ago. I wouldn't rule out Phil moving back in with her eventually, but I don't think she's all that well off herself. In fact, as I said above, I suspect she may well have issues of her own.

This is why I think he's on the outs with the antifa crowd. I'm sure he could have easily given it away to people he knows personally instead of giving it away on a public forum. OR people that know him know of his hygiene.

Nobody wants anything that touched Phil. Odds are it probably smells or has that sort of permanent grease on it you can never get off. Plus he tends to cover things in stickers and autistic drawings as if he somehow thinks that will make it more authentic. Odds are he's only getting rid of the bike because he wants to put DIFFERENT stickers on the new one to match his current ideology. He'd probably do that with tattoos if he could.

Of course I think you are right about him being on the outs with the other antifa cosplayers. One big thing about Phil is that he's constantly begging and mooching off the system, but he doesn't actually put anything back in it. I've likened the trans community he used to leech off of to a sort of closed system where the same dozen or so people trade the same money back and forth between each other to virtue signal. They'll beg for money just so that they can be seen "donating" it back to one tranny or another. Phil doesn't do that. He talks the talk, but never gives back to any of the communities or causes he attaches himself to. Antifa, LGBTQ, whatever. He thinks he can take their donations and go out and buy pizzas for himself without any strings attached. Eventually people will cut off all ties.

The wannabe antifa people are losing patience with him. It seems he's posting furiously online now that he no longer has a handler minding him. Its a pity but we'll probably never get the real story as to what was going on there. I'm guessing it has to do with the person that was taking him to the firing range, but like always, Phil managed to screw that relationship up. He also seems to be moving house again. I doubt we're lucky enough to see him going to a group home, and he's not leaving Portland, but he's probably trying to reinvent himself again, especially since he's on the outs with the "cool kids" (or at least those he perceives as cool).

After the election things are going to change, so antifa (or wannabe antifa) doesn't have time for Phil anymore... and Phil doesn't have time for them anymore.

I raped a dog 2day

I wonder if Phil will move back with his mom now that his father has died. I'm too out of the loop to know whether they were together, but I bet either way she's upset and he could use her as an easy / free place to regroup. We'll see what happens.
He got kicked out when he beat her up. She was disabled then and she wanted him to spend more of his money helping out around the house instead of Naruto cosplay. Nowadays, she’d probably get sick of his antifa cosplay and he’d assault her for that, too. No, Phil can’t go back home to mom.

break these cuffs

it's me and my bitch
He was begging for that pepper spray shortly before the move was announced and the move/giveaway was started. Was this begging the last straw? The response to the pepper spray begging was less than positive. Did it kick off a behind the scenes fight and this is the result? Phil owns a lot of stupid shit, but it's not like he owns much in the way of furniture or anything large that needs to be moved. He's giving away larp gear that can be easily boxed up. Didn't the first sign say that the new barracks was going to be bigger? You can move a 2 bedroom apartment in a single day with a medium-sized U-Haul truck. He could probably move all his shit in a $20 a day van. Why does he need to give away all his larp gear if he's moving into a bigger place?

This has to be a group living situation. Whether it's a tard house or a multi bedroom apartment with roommates where he won't be able to shit up the common area, he's clearly moving into someplace smaller if he's moving at all and not just getting kicked out of the antifa club.

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“My struggle against Kiwi Farms stalkers is an Antifascist struggle”
Sure thing Phil. Have fun fighting off Kiwi operatives with your can of Axe Body Spray. Or Tumbler with a tea bag.
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Lol. Phil's a Maoist again. As if he would be allowed to exist in any communist society. I believe that being an unemployed loafer was actually a criminal offence in both the Soviet Union and Maoist China; it was "social parasitism." Because the state was run by the workers for the workers, there was no unemployment. Therefore anyone unemployed was obviously skiving and therefore obviously a counter revolutionary wrecker or saboteur.

I raped a dog 2day

I suspect Phil found another mark in antifa or another troon with a spare room. It would explain why he’s giving so much of his shit away: he only has one bedroom to store his garbage and he needs to clear some space. And I can totally see some of the losers in antifa thinking that taking in Phil would be an easy way to gay rent and assistance with Bill and food. They’re going to be in for a rude awakening when they find out what a lazy, useless mooch Phil really is.