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That's about right. More economic equality, a blend of progress and tradition slightly leaning towards progress, fuck fixing the world before you fix yourself, etc.
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I had to google what that meant, as I'm dumb, and it seems about right.
Other political tests I've taken put me on the center-left.

Turns out I'm pretty much centre right, which is what I thought. Some of the questions were a bit too simplified though.

Like for instance my stance on world aid. Yes it's necessary, but in it's current format I'd axe it. You want foreign aid, there has to be conditions behind it, so that it doesn't go to countries that don't need it, and into the back pockets of dictators, and is continual. It should be a small shot in the arm, not a drip feed.
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I'm a little surprised. I feel I've leaned further right the past few years.

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