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    Pokemon Griefing Thread

    Mawile cries in the distance
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    Steven Universe

    Oh no, I get that, I just find it tasteless that they used rape victims as a comparison.
  3. Nauseated Courgi

    Steven Universe

    Speaking of that, I thought I'd check out their Q&A page and I found this. Don't get me wrong, I understand where they're coming from and I would also feel that protective of my work, but what is it with some Tumblr users and comparing things to rape?
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    Cultcow EvaXephon / Yanderedev / Alex Mahan / Alexander Stuart Mahan

    But, I thought he was trying to NOT make it that easy? Although, seeing as any new player would be confused as hell about how anything works, I guess he did his job in that regard.
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    Pokemon Griefing Thread

    would they be added to later games at some point, or are they just there to tease the player with something they can't have?
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    Pokemon Griefing Thread

    Circljerking their hate boners, if you will.
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    Random Tumblr posts

    Ah yes, "Autochoirissexualism", also known as "i like to fap, but still want to be Asexual"
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    Jerry Peet / Lily Orchard / Lily Peet / Valkyrstudios / Bhaalspawn / Tara Callie / "Mod Ebara"

    Implying an animal like gardevoir won't just be put down for negatively affecting their owner. It's what happens to some animals in Real life.
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    Pokemon Griefing Thread

    In terms of the mod itself, it's still around and available for downloading (still in 1.12.2 though). As for the servers, There are some that are available for you to check out.
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    Late to the party, but welcome to Kiwi Farms... Kiwi Farms..?

    Late to the party, but welcome to Kiwi Farms... Kiwi Farms..?
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    Super Smash Bros.

    The last fighter probably wasn't even in presenting condition yet anyways.
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    Super Smash Bros.

    Is this going to be a monthly routine for you?
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    Pokemon Griefing Thread

    Reminds of this thing going between some of Hytale's fanbase and Minecraft.
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    Containment Random Chris Updates

    You'll never know, it may just be a weird coincidence. They might have made that license plate be based on someone close to them who, for some reason, is named Julay.
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    Rick and Morty

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